The company implements a Food Safety Management System (F.S.M.S.) according to ISO 22000:2005 (HACCP). Through this system, the company aims to continuously improve the safety of its products and to fully satisfy its customer needs.

The company's management believes in the continuous improvement of the safety level of its products and is committed to the following principles, which constitute the safety policy of the company:

  • continuous improvement of the company's products and strict implementation of production processes
  • continuous updating, monitoring and harmonisation with the legislation on food safety and the requirements of the competent authorities
  • alignment with customers' requirements through timely resolution of complaints or objections using documented procedures
  • notification, implementation and enforcement of the FSMS at all company levels
  • continuous training of staff on safety and food quality
  • emphasis in the selection of raw and auxiliary materials' suppliers
  • ongoing modernisation and provision of automation equipment
  • compliance and continuous improvement of safety rules for workers
  • provision of all the necessary resources for the strict implementation of the company's security policy.